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Air Mover Rental, Sales, & Repairs

Air Movers are an important part of drying, especially in water damage restoration. By evaporating moisture from materials up into the air, when combined with dehumidifiers and other equipment, air movers contribute to the complete drying system. Call Extreme Supplies any time day or night at 866-287-6080

There are three different types of Air Movers they are used on different types of jobs, Extreme Supplies we have Centrifugal Air Movers that are shaped like a whistle they are adjustable you can turn them up for a 45 degree angle to blow air up at a higher level, they have a GFI plug on them to protect the project from catching fire, they are one of our most popular fans in the water and fire industry, they come with a 31 ft. power cord and can reach out to plugs that are far away.


At Extreme Supplies we have Axial Air Movers are a large round looking fan that move 3,000 CFM are used for moving large volumes of air in commercial and residential settings when you have higher classes of losses, they are a great Air Mover for Desiccant drying jobs for moving large volumes of dry air, they also come with a GFI plug with a 31 ft cord that can reach plugs that are far away, they are a stack-able Air Mover and up to 6 fans per stack and are only 2.5 amps draw.

Low Profile Air Mover are a great Air Mover for stacking and loading large amounts in small cargo vans and are very light to carry, they are also very low 1.5 amp air mover Extreme Supplies has Semi trucks loaded and ready to move for any size loss!



Air Mover

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