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Dehumidifier Sales, Repairs, And Rentals

LGR Dehumidifiers remove large amounts of water and moisture to help repair water damage during flood and restoration work. They can also help prevent mold and, for commercial businesses, protect from water and moisture damage.

LGR Dehumidifiers are the most common type of dehumidifier used by water restoration professionals. LGR refers to Low Grain Refrigerant units. Unlike Conventional Refrigerants, an LGR unit will continue to remove water below 55 grains per pound – even below 40 grains per pound (GPP).


LGRs were designed for flood conditions by the leading manufacturer specializing in water damage mitigation equipment. Low Grain Refrigerants are the most energy efficient and popular dehumidifiers in the market because their performance is boosted by a built-in air pre-cooling device which supplies the dehumidifier with cooler air to process.

Extreme Supplies has hundreds of portable LGR dehumidifiers on its fleet our company can deliver for small to large jobs or our customers can pick them up at our location. We Use Phoenix Dehumidifiers because of the durability, and they are easy to use, they are low amp units with a 31’ cord to reach power connections, these units have a auto pump out system for water displacement with the rubber hoses that come with the unit so  you can run them to toilets, sinks, just about any drain system.


Extreme Supplies dehumidifiers have a air filter system to help with air quality to help with maximum air flow to make sure that the dehumidifiers work at top performance.



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