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Desiccant Dehumidifier Rentals, And Sales

Desiccants offer sophisticated technology that uses chemical attraction instead of condensation to extract water. So optimal dew point temperatures do not limit their performance. Used correctly, they produce the driest air (lowest GPP) of any dehumidifier and are capable of most closely approximating desert-like drying conditions. Call Extreme Supplies @ 866-287-6080 for all of your desiccant dehumidifier needs.

Choose a desiccant for dense materials like hardwood floors, for cooler or dry sites, or if location temperatures are cooler than 60°F (sub-zero desiccants work in temperatures as low as 0°F). The restoration industry utilizes portable desiccant technology. These Portable Desiccants represent state-of-the-art dehumidifying technology, and their sizes run the gamut from small, suitcase-sized portables, to large trailer-mounted mobile units.


When to use Portable Desiccants:

  • Very difficult to dry situations (class 4 water losses)
  • In structures that cannot be warmed adequately for LGRs to be effective

Extreme Supplies has several portable Desiccants in its fleet that can be mobilized very quickly to large commercial losses for fire, water, smoke damage, we have the crews with the training to set up these units with generators or temp power, and we able to maintain them during that period until the drying project or climate control project is completed.

Extreme Supplies we can set up Desiccants at multiple locations on a job site to maximize the climate and drying on every job, Desiccants can be ran into multiple floors, board ups are required when being setup so that the 18” ducting can be routed to the window or door, there is a positive and a negative ducting, one is to bring dry air into the building, and the other is to pull wet air out of the building, with the positive air flow, our company will hook up layflatt and attach it to the ceiling to keep it off the floor so that mitigation crew can work without tripping on it, the layflatt will run  throughout the wet areas of the building, at that point Extreme supplies will perforate the plastic layflatt so the dry air is distributed throughout the building.



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