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Dry Smart Heat Drying Trailers

Heat Drying Trailers Dry Smart, Dry Vex are used for drying hard to dry content like concrete, brick, marble, crawlspaces, large houses and buildings with no heat where you cannot use a dehumidifier, Using Heat Trailers can reduce the drying time in half over dehumidifier methods. Its advantages are evident from the start. Fresh hot air quickly drops the humidity level below 40%, The heat energy accelerates evaporation and continues to lower the relative humidity. Extreme Supplies has heat tailors for rent and sale

The Drying project begins with the extraction of water and removal of all the ruined wet contents and materials. Water extraction is much more effective then evaporation.  Extraction should be done with great care, it is easy to absorb and extract, then evaporate water. Heat trailers need air movers to help with the drying process, they move hot dry air to wet areas, break down surface moisture vapor pressure barriers, help transfer the heat energy, pull moisture from wet materials, and transport evaporated moisture. The more air movement the better.


When the extractions is finished and wet materials are removed for the residential house or commercial building, the deep drying begins with moisture evaporating from an ever-decreasing surface area, the total amount of water being evaporated because of the relatively being low. Call Extreme Supplies we will help you set up the heat trailor on your job site if need be.

For evaporation to occur, heat energy must be added to water molecules. Therefore, water evaporates faster at the higher temp.  For every 10 degrees C temperature rise, the evaporation rate is doubled. Raising the temperature of so lower the relative humidity and raises the saturation point in the air.


Heat Trailers can also be used for climate control when there are power failures and or boiler, furnace failures, emergency heating is needed for senior homes, schools or any commercial or residential building, our trailers come with generators and are self-contained and ready for use, they run on diesel fuel and can run 24 to 32 hours per tank of fuel, you can have refueling companies refuel the units to keep them running. These units are very mobil and easy to set up and operate we have the trucks and skilled techs to help resolve most problems.



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