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Generator Rentals, And Temporary Power

Extreme Supplies is the largest restoration equipment company. Commercial Generators and temporary power available 24/7. Equipped to help you hand your large loss. Call 866-287-6080 for onsite delivery information and competitive rates.

110 KW Generator

175 KW Generator

Temporary power box

Call 866-287-6080 for more information

Just one unit will allow you to run up to 40 additional air movers or 16 additional LGR Dehumidifiers!

With seven weather-resistant receptacles (available in both locking and straight blade versions) this portable power distribution center is UL listed for outdoor use and designed to stand up to the toughest of job site conditions. It has been engineered utilizing the latest in GFCI technology, providing the user with the highest level of electrical safety.

The CEP 8706GU Portable Power Box is protected by a GFCI module, giving the user open-neutral and reverse phasing protection. Each unit has been carefully assembled to provide the ultimate in electrical safety as well as meeting current OSHA standards.

The Box features rugged construction for maximum reliability in rough-duty settings and is rated 50 amps 125/250 volts. With its sturdy, reinforced steel frame and clear-view porthole for seeing the “trip” status of its circuit breakers at a glance, it provides the perfect solution for temporary power requirements in individual facilities and on construction sites while complying with the latest OSHA standards for ground fault protection. For any generated power call Extreme Supplies 24/7 we will be there to help.

The Box is ideal for industrial and commercial maintenance/repair operations requiring a portable power distribution system, construction sites where portable power is necessary, and other portable power applications that require compliance with OSHA Regulation 20, Part 1926 Sub-part K specifying open-neutral protection.




Generator Temp Power

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