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HEPA Vacuum Rental, Sales, & Repairs

Extreme Supplies is the largest restoration equipment company in New Jersey. Commercial Hepa Vacuums available 24/7. Equipped to help you hand your large loss. Call 866-287-6080 for onsite delivery information and competitive rates.


HEPA  vacuuming is a must when it comes to mold and fine dust and debris clean up, using a H.E.P.A our Back Pack is nice because you have more mobility to move around and cover more ground, working off ladders is a breeze with a back pack, vacuuming ceilings and walls also is a breeze when it comes to working with our backpacks, HEPA vacuums filter out 99.99%.


Euro-clean Stationary HEPA vacuum are also a good rental vacuum that Extreme Supplies offers to their clients, it is a canister vacuum that has a 10’ Vacuum hose that has several tools from a 3” horse hair round brush to a floor and wall head that covers a lot of sq. ft.

Vacuum 60% faster with the Super Mosquito HEPA. Extremely high air-flow speeds your cleaning, increasing productivity, reducing costs and effort. Great for use in schools, office buildings, hospitals and high traffic areas. Highly effective in removing fine dust and particles embedded deep in the carpet fibers.

Mosquito Super Vac Fact Super HEPA Vacuums have a motor that has thermal protection, if under any circumstance the motor exceeds its working temperature the vacuum will shut-off until it cools. This eliminates any chance of motor damage. Call Extreme Supplies 866-287-6080 for more information



Hepa Vac

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